Decorators Notebook is delighted to offer a limited Edition, collector’s series of rare photographs taken by renowned Indian photographer and documentary-film maker Anu Malhotra. Anu travelled to the remote tribal regions of the North East Frontier provinces in India, where the nowild animalsmadic tribes of the Apa Tani, Konyaks and Tibetans live. Capturing rare images of their daily lives, traditional culture, festivals and amazing attire of these fast disappearing tribal people, Anu complied these stunning images in her beautiful coffee table book titled “Soul Survivors”.

Despite her remarkable facility with different media ranging from still to the moving cameras, the canvas and the printed page, Anu’s first love has always been documentary film. She has over 16 national and international awards to her credit and her documentaries have featrured on National Geographic, BBC, and Discovery Channel.

Decorator’s Notebook is also delighted to present a sensational collection of black & white wildlife photography in collaboration with wildlife photographer’s who support the conservation and protection of declining populations of iconic species of animals like the Rhino, Tiger and Elephant. 5% of the proceeds from the sale of each photograph will go towards conservation projects listed below:

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All prices are in US dollars.